What Core Story owners are saying:

You guys blew my mind the very first meeting to discuss my core story. It usually takes me weeks to train a new salesman to understand my business and yet you and your team were on point after only minutes. You got it!”…You got the big picture of what I wanted to express and even had your own ideas immediately of what we should be expressing to my potential clients, which again were on point. Only true professionals could do that.”… “ The interaction between members of your team and how everything kept moving forward is something I brag to my friends about”…”Our sales team now has a tool that is second to none.”…” I can tell you that there is no question it has already paid for itself and will continue to do so over and over. That’s pretty good for one week! Yep. Today we signed a contract on a $700,000 claim that I knew we would never have gotten if it was not for the Core Story.”…”Education, education, education, education and we were the only ones left standing.

Troy Payne

CEO, Loss Analytics

I think the Core Story you created is excellent…it brought a tear to my eye. Great job…approved.

Norm Grill

CEO, Grill & Partners

Thank you so much for all your hard work on our Core Story. It showed. Once again, great job to you and your outstanding team.

Buff Brown

President, Desert Cooler

The quality of research was excellent…provided a creative and challenging environment which was both enjoyable and productive for us the outputs have been very productive for us in our inflation recovery objectives we have also recycled parts of the material which fit with other discussions we are having with clients which is adding additional value for us.

Peter Quinn

CEO, Walker and Son

You were great listeners! Using the Core Story has created a focus around ‘sounding interesting’ to our audience. In our first public use of our core story, a dentist actually asked for a copy of it! My experience has been a 10 out of 10!

Mike Timoney

CEO, Dental Partners

I was sold on the concept of the CORE STORY when I attended Tony’s Business Mastery course in Melbourne in February 2012, having traveled many miles from South Africa to attend the event. From the moment I received the first call from you and felt your excitement to help my company succeed, I was overjoyed. Your understanding and insight of our company’s needs, our country’s culture, and the information that I have received from you and your team so far is mind blowing. Selling is my passion, but combining our company’s service while educating our customer really gets me juiced up. Thank you TONY, KIM and the ERG TEAM, I know the CORE STORY will make the difference I have been seeking.

Karen Ashwin

CEO, The Event Production Company

With our management team of super inspired souls driven by the educational marketing idea and the pain point approach to getting clients’ attention and Tony’s partnership model, magic has happened… We expanded our operations across the brands with 13 shops in DK, 20 boutiques in Germany and 65 In Norway and closed USD 200 mill worth of contracts for the rest of the year…in addition to the business we were already handling. The wildest of it all – it is less than 6 months ago we set this ship at sea. Should you need someone to back your presentations up with a story, I will be glad to endorse your approach with a true story from real life – with text, a video or even IRL.” “I am back again now and have just had an even more wild experience using the dream client and best buyer strategy…wanted to let you know! We made a direct mailing to our best buyer group and achieved a direct response of (are you sitting down?): 58% and growing as I write to you. When did anyone get 58% direct response on a direct mailing? This s*** works man!

Dennis Lindberg

President, Formio Sequoyah

The Core Story is fantastic and using its methods is creating a lot of inquiry. Hadar Homes is hosting two seminars this week, one tomorrow night and again the night after. Potential clients are loving these and think we are the ultimate experts. Using the Core Story is really a treat and we haven’t even fully implemented it yet.

Rick Leeworthy

President, Hadar Homes

We have just finished a direct mail campaign using our Core Story trends/stats, Chet’s books principals and a bit of my own creativity. The results were fantastic– 26% response rate and 19 appointments set. “ If we are not successful with this campaign, we cannot blame the marketing efforts!

Todd Cline

President, Towne Park