Strategic Research

Laser focus on your target audience with compelling market, business and trends research!

60% of high growth businesses rank research and strategy expenditures as their highest ROI

Fighting for a competitive edge in today’s market without the benefit of market research is equivalent to a modern day pin the tail on the donkey…unfortunately there is no guarantee of who the donkey is or who the pin will hit. Empire’s professional market research services can become your compass…for businesses who want to expertly target their audiences with an undeniable reason to buy.

Core Story Research packages millions of dollars of proprietary data to identify threats, trends, and opportunities. We utilize the gems of this research to expertly craft your Core Story marketing message. Each Core Story includes a fully indexed and sourced research document.

To further support business growth, we offer several Core Story Platinum level research packages such as:


Competitive Analysis


Emerging Markets


New Product Launches

There are three research related problems facing most businesses:

1 Failure to anticipate the road ahead!Problem: Though 79% of today’s top executives say responding quickly to change is the only way to survive our current economic challenges, only 1 in 3 are even able to identify threats before they strike, much less proactively position their business for growth.

Solution: Cutting edge market research gives companies the power to predict the future and act on it. Market data, harnessed by the power of the Core Story, brings organizations to the forefront of their industry, ready to compete to win.

2 Lack of follow-through!Problem: 53% of business leaders surveyed admitted their organizations are ineffective in making the right decisions about how/when to respond to change

Solution: In the face of detractors, during tough times and even when you doubt yourself, pig-headed discipline gives you the strength to see through your chosen strategy

3 A lack of certainty!Problem: One of the most self-limiting motivations in business is the demand for certainty. 55% of entrepreneurs are extremely fearful of losing their business altogether. But despite the seemingly logical need for security and safety, this safety net is actually laced with cement shoes.

Solution: All success is 20% mechanics and 80% psychology, but only 1% of executives possess the tactical and strategic qualities to capitalize on the mechanical and psychological elements that drive business success. If you are not naturally in that 1%, careful planning and coaching can lend you those talents to give you the advantage over your competitors.

What definitive steps will you take today to combat these profit killing issues which are alive and well in most businesses today?

The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” – Rupert Murdoch

Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.”” – David Ogilvy, “The Father of Advertising” (1911-1999)