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We use the power of research and data to supercharge your sales and marketing efforts.

Establish yourself as the go-to authority and resource in your market.


Increase your appeal.


Gain unparalleled access to your ideal buyers.


Make more sales!

“Mastery isn’t about doing 4,000 things, it’s about doing 12 things 4,000 times.”

-Chet Holmes


Unleash the power of education based marketing.


Laser focus on your audience’s challenges with compelling data.

Business Growth

Take the right actions to launch your company to the next level.

Our Founder

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Unleash the power of education based marketing.

Use market research wrapped within the Core Story ™ sales model to stop selling and start education!

Why is the Core Story ™ so powerful?


The Core Story ™ is the ultimate strategic positioning tool


Combines the power of data, research and story.


Positions you as the expert in your industry.


Prospective clients will seek you out to do business with you.


Provides your entire marketplace with an undeniable reason to buy

The Leadership Series

The Leadership Series is a series of 8 topics that we will cover to help take your business to the next level.
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Leadership-Hidden Crisis

Bad bosses cost you money, leading to 25 percent higher turnover, 28 percent more thefts, 41 percent more safety incidents and 22 percent lower profits. Why? And what’s the answer.

Hire Superstars

Is your company made up of superstars and A players or do you have B, C and maybe even some D players infecting your company at the core? Anyone who is less than an A player is costing you $$$$!


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Testimonials and Reviews

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

“You guys blew my mind the very first meeting to discuss my core story. It usually takes me weeks to train a new salesman to understand my business and yet you and your team were on point after only minutes. You got it!”…You got the big picture of what I wanted to express and even had your own ideas immediately of what we should be expressing to my potential clients, which again were on point. Only true professionals could do that.”… “ The interaction between members of your team and how everything kept moving forward is something I brag to my friends about”…”Our sales team now has a tool that is second to none.”…” I can tell you that there is no question it has already paid for itself and will continue to do so over and over. That’s pretty good for one week! Yep. Today we signed a contract on a $700,000 claim that I knew we would never have gotten if it was not for the Core Story.”…”Education, education, education, education and we were the only ones left standing.”

— Troy Payne, CEO